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Konzani Gardens Lodge
Situated in Lusaka West, Konzani Gardens Lodge makes an ideal base for those with business to do on the west side of Lusaka in Zambia. This lodge offers a high standard of accommodation at very competitive rates. Come and enjoy a distinctly African theme, a good restaurant and rolling grounds, as well as facilities like internet access. The Konzani Gardens conference hall can comfortably cater for up to 80 seated delegates and the grounds up to 500 people. The restaurant can also be hired for private functions, for up to 50 seated guests. This venue, situated in a serene and quiet country setting, just nine kilometres west of Lusaka on New Mumbwa Road, is equally suitable for corporate events or private functions such as weddings or parties. Enjoy a range of African and continental style food at the Konzani Gardens restaurant. Gorgeous finger snacks are available like samoosas, mini pies and sausage rolls. Main courses include a range of fish and meats with roast potatoes, chips, rice or nshima. Desserts like mini scones, vanilla cake and marble cake await those with a sweet tooth. Facilities include a well stocked bar, pool table ‘mbalasa’ and outdoor area, and the all important TV screens for the latest news and sport. This is a relaxing bar and restaurant with lots of room for large groups and space for children to run free. As well as being open to the public, the restaurant is also available for private hire, lodge guests and conference delegates. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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