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Busanga Plains Camp
The Plains Camp is the seasonal bush camp of Mukambi Safari Lodge deep in the heart of the famous Busanga Plains, a stunning wetland area. The Plains Camp is an exciting five hour drive from Mukambi Safari Lodge through the Kafue National Park. A trip to the Busanga Plains brings you back to the days that a safari took an exciting trip to reach your destination. Every journey called for a sense of adventure, a desire to explore the unknown. The camp is built in the spirit of Karen Blixen famous words: 'If there was one thing I could do again, it would be to go on safari'�. You can be one of the few to experience the unique remoteness of The Busanga Plains Camp on Busanga. Join us on an old-fashioned safari. Our tented camp lies in an area so remote that although famous for insiders, only a few people have discovered the Busanga Plains. It is only accessible four months a year. Here lions and cheetahs prey on animals such as wildebeest, roan and buffalo to name a few. Lechwe and puku graze on the central swamps while the shy sitatunga hides in the papyrus reeds. Crowned and wattled cranes, secretary birds and ground hornbills stalk the grasslands whose openness is interrupted only by tree studded islands. Here ancient fig trees (the famous One Fig) and palms draw their nutrients from giant termite hills. It is a landscape so distinctive, like no other you will see in Africa. The camp is small and intimate. It consists of only four big safari tents with en-suite open air bathrooms and a raised central area or boma, overlooking the Busanga Plains.
Luxury En-Suite Tent 24
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