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Lake Tanganyika
Lake Tanganyika is the largest rift lake in Africa lying in the Western Rift of the Great Rift Valley. Extending over 650 km in a North/South direction and averaging over 50km wide, Lake Tanganyika has the second highest volume of fresh water in the world (after Baikal), is the longest freshwater lake in the world, and at 1400m deep it is the second deepest in the world.

The Lake covers 32,900km2 area, with 1,828km of shoreline. Much of the coastline consists of high escarpments dropping directly into the lake interspersed with vast headlands and long pristine beaches. Water clarity averages around 15meters visibility and water temperature is around 26oC.


Isanga Bay Lodge
Isanga Bay Lodge is situated on the shores of the vast Lake Tanganyika on Zambia's northern most border. The spectacular Kalambo Falls, the second highest in Africa, are nearby and make a popular hike.
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Ndole Bay Lodge
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