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Chilenje House
Situate in the Chilenje suburb of Lusaka and the turn-off from Burma Road the monument is clearly sign posted. From January 1960 to December 1962, Dr. K. D. Kaunda, lived in the Chilenje House No. 394 which was the center from which he led the struggle for Zambia’s independence. Included in the protected are are houses number 393 and 395. House 394 and 395 have been restored to their 1962 condition by the demolition of improvements effected since that date. House No. 394 has been redecorated in its original colour scheme and much of the furniture and personal effects used by the Kaunda family at that time has been replaced in the original positions. House No. 395 contains displays illustrating the history and growth of Lusaka from the earliest times and the political development of Zambia. House No. 393 is the caretaker’s residence. The monument was officially opened by His Excellency the President on 23rd October 1968. It is open to the public daily except on Monday afternoons and Tuesdays, from 10:00hrs to 13:00hrs and from 14:00hrs to 17:00hrs. An illustrated guide booklet, ‘Historical Notes on Political Development in Zambia’ is no sale.
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