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Livingstone Memorial
The Livingstone Memorial was built in 1902 and it marks the spot where the famous explorer David Livingstone died in 1973 in Chief Chitambo’s village at Ilala near the edge of the Bangweulu Swamps. His heart was buried under a ‘mpundu’ tree by his devoted attendants Chuma, Sussi and Vchopere before carrying his body 1500 km over 11 months to the coast where it was shipped back to England. Also among them was a well educated African man by the name of Jacob Wainwright and it was this man that had carved the inscription “Livingstone May 4 1973” and the names of the attendants on the tree. A cast of this is now preserved at the Livingstone Museum and the original carving in the Museum of the Royal Geographical Society in London. 100 years after his death a small monument was erected in his honour marking the spot where the tree was. It is believed that he died from a bad blow of malaria, exhaustion and dysentery.
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