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Munda Wanga Botanical Garden
Munda Wanga is an Environmental Park that is comprised of an Environmental Education Centre, a Wildlife Park and Sanctuary and a Botanical Garden. The Munda Wanga Trust has been running the Environmental Park since 1998. It has been rebuild from a run down zoo to a modern facility that provides Environmental Education to the young and old. The Environmental Education Centre hosts over 35,000 children and teachers every year, that come to learn about the environment, the wildlife and plant life that is so abundant in different parts of Zambia. They come to learn about the threats, the ways to conserve and the ways to benefit from the natural resources that are available in our environment. But also how to use these resources without depleting them, to use them in a sustainable way, to ensure that our children's, children can also enjoy the same benefits that mother nature has to offer us. The Wildlife Park and Sanctuary holds a collection of more than 40 different species of animals. Most of these animals are endemic to Zambia (this means that they naturally occur in the wild). Some species are exotic and are here to show the visitors what other animals are around on this planet.  Besides keeping animals as ambassadors of their species, the Sanctuary houses a large number of animals that are brought in from the illegal pet trade, or that were found injured due to poaching or other ways of animal-human conflict. Most animals are rehabilitated and are than released back to the wild in an area where they will not be harassed by humans and where they can live a life in the wild. The Botanical Gardens house over 1000 species of plants, some of them are still here since the day that they were brought in by Ralph Sander. The ratio between exotic and endemic species in the botanical gardens is 50-50.  Through lessons and activities, children are brought in touch with botany and are given some appreciation for the plants that grow around us. Different garden styles take the visitor past various corners of the world and inspire them to look after their own environment around their house. Apart from botany there is also emphasis on the interaction between humans and plants. We use plants for various purposes and rely on them for our food and medicine. Every weekend special tours are organized to teach visitors more on the use of plants in our daily live.
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