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Kabwata Cultural Village
Located along Burma Road Lusaka, Kabwata Cultural Village hosts slightly over 70 artists, among them woodcarvers and basket weavers. The village is open daily from 8am to 6pm. The Village was established in 1974 and became home to the members of the Kabwata Visual Arts and Cultural Association, KAVICA. Craftsmen from all over Zambia were invited to come and be part of the Village to encourage the production of traditional handicrafts from all tribes. A lot of indigenous artworks like figurines, animal and bird carvings are exhibited and sold at Kabwata Cultural Village. Other works include spears, drums, walking sticks, African printed fabrics, batiks and tie and dye. For those of you who love traditional dancing, you will be able to see them in the Kabwata Cultural Villages central arena over weekends and public holidays. Like in true Zambian style the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. You will definitely feel at home. If not the best, Kabwata Cultural Village is definitely on of the best places in Lusaka where you go and buy traditional Zambian artifacts which you can take home as souvenirs. Coming into direct contact with the artists can be quite amazing and can be a good opportunity to ask them to explain some of their artifacts.
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