Things To Do
Under the Spray

The Tour starts at the top of the Gorge where you have a good view of the Falls. Then you descend down the gorge to the boiling pot where the rafts are prepared and ready to leave.

The guide briefs you on the dos and don'ts before you paddle into the boiling pot. From here you will already have a spectacular view of the vertical cliffs all around you and the waterfalls tumbling into the gorge. The 'minus rapids' thundering in from the west create a strong but smooth current that will carry the raft to the other side, right underneath the Victoria Falls.

At certain times of the year it is possible to get out of the raft and walk along the rock face to the cascades on the western side. Then you will start ' Canyoning' through the series of rock pools to the cascades. Swimming in the rock pools below the Falls, surrounded by the massive black basaltic rock towering up above you and the water cascading down, seemingly out of the sky, is certainly one of the most breathtaking experiences you will ever have.

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