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Ticket to Livingstone's Adventure
The adventure packages offered by Livingstone’s Adventure have been designed to ensure the most popular activities can all be booked in one booking, saving you money, and offering you the opportunity to experience a well rounded package of activities on offer in Livingstone.
There are numerous activities that you can partake in while holidaying in Livingstone. The options below combine the different types of activities so that you can explore Livingstone and its surrounding areas in many different ways.

The ticket consists of 6 options:

1. African Queen or Princes sunset cruise
2. Helicopter or micro light short flights
3. Tour of the falls.

1. River safari (breakfast, lunch, sunset cruise)
2. Helicopter and Micro light short flight.
3. Tour of the falls

1. Half  day canoe trips
2. Helicopter and micro light short flight
3. Tour of the Falls / crocodile farm

1. Jet extreme
2. Helicopter short flight
3. African Queen/ Princess sunset cruise

OPTION 5- min 6 pax
1. African Queen cruise and dinner
2. Helicopter short flight
3. Tour of the falls

OPTION 6 (requiring a minimum of 6 persons)
1. Choose any of the LA activities – African Queen, River Safaris, Canoes, Helicopters, Micro lights, Quads, Horse riding or rafting. Rate will be quoted as per request.

Saving for the clients on the above combinations is 15% and for the agent ranges from 10% to 17%. 

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