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Besides the mighty Victoria Falls at Livingstone (in the South), not less than twenty other waterfalls are found on Zambian Rivers. Zambia is considered to have the largest water resources in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region, with water resources covering a total of 11,890 sq km.

The thunderous roar of the steady flowing waterfalls as water goes over their rocky edged cliffs is one of the most powerful sounds of nature. Except for stubborn little monkeys and baboons, the sites of the falls are fairly safe as long as you keep off the waterfall edges. Each waterfall has its own individuality, unique attraction and awe inspiring surrounding landscapes.  The Victoria Falls is in Livingstone, which is the adrenalin and adventure capital of Zambia, offers over 30 activities.   In more remote tourist areas, waterfalls in Zambia are numerous, and besides the Northern Province, one other province that is blessed with abundant beauty that has not been exploited is North Western, which houses the source of Zambezi River.

The amazing Kalungwishi River in Northern Province houses four beautiful waterfalls - Lumangwe, Chipempe, Kabwelume and Kundabwika which are some of the most popular waterfalls tourists visit. Lumangwe Falls, with its magnificence, is in the Northern Province of Zambia in Mporokoso district, 13 kilometres from the main Kawambwa-Mporokoso road. These waterfalls on the Kalungwishi River are of some grandeur..

Five kilometres from Lumangwe falls on the same river is the charming Chipempe falls as it unfolds its beauty on one of the fastest moving waters of Zambia. Kalungwishi has the one of the fastest current and it has a lot of rapids which makes the river unique and life sustaining. Kalungwishi River does not harbour any crocodiles because of its current. Then comes the fascinating Kabweluma, just about two kilometres from Chipempe falls. Kabweluma falls are sensual rather than visual.
This waterfall comes into three sections, each one spilling into the next until the final grand cascade plummets onto a bed of jutting rocks. Kundabwika, the fourth waterfall on the famous Kalungwishi River is 110 kilometres from Mporokoso on the Kawambwa road. Kundabwika falls are highly considered untouchable because of the shrine attachment that the waterfall has to the local people.

Headman Kapongolo of Kapongolo village in Kasama said his people attach great importance to the waterfalls because of certain rituals and beliefs associated to the waterfalls. The headman said locals believe that ignoring rituals and prayer at the falls brings about incurable diseases, poor harvest, persistent droughts, and declining standards of living resulting into the shortening of life expectancy.

Proper planning is required when visiting the falls as this are in more remote tourist areas and infrastructure is limited.  Accommodation is limited, with only some Falls providing campsites or being located close to a lodge.  Other falls will allow for a day visit with accommodation either in a nearby campsite, or a guesthouse in a nearby town.  It is recommended that a 4x4 vehicle is used to access remote areas.  However, by doing your homework and planning your route and accommodation, this could be one of the most amazing ways of getting in touch with nature.  The thunderous roar of water…. And each waterfall in its own Garden of Eden.

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