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Eland Encounters
Take a “Walk with the Eland’ or an “Eland Encounter / Night Drive” and be "introduced" to these amazing animals and learn more about the Eland domestication project. After a safety briefing, our guides will share their knowledge of the indigenous plants, animals and even traditional herbal remedies with you throughout your walk. Eland are graceful animals, with their large pendulous dewlap and pale fawn colour. The largest of the antelope found in Zambia, the eland can weigh up to 680 kg. Their weight however, does not hamper them from jumping, virtually from a standing position to a height of more than two meters (7 ft). Both sexes have horns in a short outward an upward twist, which are important for feeding. To collect twigs they grasp them between the stalks, breaking them loose with a shake of their head and powerful neck. A shy animal that runs at the slightest disturbance. This is perhaps because they have always been hunted in Africa, especially by the San tribe, who worshipped them, eating them as catholics do communion. They move in medium sized herds and old bulls tend to be solitary.  
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