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Canoe Safari
The Zambezi River is unquestionably Africa's finest canoeing No other rivers on the continent provide the same opportunities for viewing healthy populations of large and small game.
The views from the river are pure therapy.  The birdlife, varied and in abundance, demands attention from all.   Large game, particularly buffalo, elephant and hippo receive immediate and dedicated attention as they blend with your surroundings.  Your real world is soon left behind. 
The daily routine is usually an early paddling start after sunrise to cover ground before the wind picks up by mid morning. This is followed by a full (English type) breakfast on a suitable stopover site.  At lunch time a suitable spot will be found for a cold lunch and then a welcome afternoon siesta.

Fishing tackle is a good idea for more active participants who opt to forfeit their siesta ! The pace of the afternoon's paddling session depends largely upon any winds that may have come up.  Usually it's a leisurely paddle until an hour or so before sunset and camp is set up for the night once a suitable stopover is found.
Operators may offer full participation, backed up or tailor made canoe safaris, usually starting from 3 days  to 9 days.   Canoeists will be accompanied by proficient and experienced guides.  Safety is key and no safari begins without a safety briefing and the right equipment.  
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