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Birding Safari
It goes without saying that the focus of a Birding Safari is to locate birds during game drives or walks, or simply in the safari camp surroundings. 
Excellent guiding and plenty of birds are the 2 essential components for a successful birding safariThe European winter (our Emerald Season) months are the most exciting for birding safaris in Zambia, all of the migrants are present and many local birds are in full breeding plumage and song.
The avifauna of Zambia includes a list of 779 species so this is a birding paradise. For birders, highlights include endless miombo woodland full of tantalising bird parties, vast wetlands, sweeping grasslands, the most southerly tracts of the great equatorial forests and some remote and challenging montane wilderness areas.

Zambia can boast large tracts of pristine wilderness and the vast majority of the country falls within the Zambezian biome. Miombo woodland is the dominant vegetation and as it has little understorey it is easy to walk through. The key to successful birding is locating bird parties; these may comprise 20, 30 or more species and are a typical feature of the habitat. In most areas the woodland is laced with grassy dambos along the drainage lines; these hold a very different variety of species, particularly if they are wet or spongy. In the north, evergreen forest patches (mushitus) are found in dambos and in the north-west there are many forest species characteristic of the Congo basin. In the north-east several highland areas hold afromontane species, including many typical of the Eastern Arc Mountains in Tanzania. Zambia also has a rich array of wetlands that are famous for their vast numbers of birds as well as their populations of Shoebills and Wattled Cranes. Further exploration of the country will reveal many other interesting habitats for birding such as teak and dry evergreen forest, acacia, munga & mopane woodland, thickets, termitaria, plains, papyrus swamps and seasonal pans.