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Lion Encounter

Experience and support the Lion Encounter…
Africa's first genuine programme to ethically re-introduce the offspring of rehabilitated captive-bred African lion back into the wild, helping safeguard the future of the king of the beasts.
A once in a lifetime opportunity!  Gain insight into the behaviors and social aspects of one of Africa’s most magnificent animals.   After a safety talk by your guide, you will be taking into the bush where you will be introduced to the lion cubs and their handlers.  For about an hour and half you will walk alongside these awesome animals and interact with them.  No leashes, no collars, just a natural African adventure.   During this time your guide will give you informative talks about the lion and their relationship with man, and the long term plan for rehabilitating the lions back into the wild.
Safety is primary so please be sure you understand all conditions before proceeding on your trip, including health and age restrictions.

Morning and Afternoon trips are available as well as the Night Lion Encounter.

The Night Encounter is an important part of the Lion Release program not to mention an incredibly thrilling adventure for you.  Lions from 18 mths to around 2 and a half years are taken out into the Pre Release Training Reserve.  Here they are given the opportunity to practice their hunting skills by stalking, chasing and hunting the game they find.   All this is experienced from your prime viewing seats on board a game drive vehicle.  On each 4 x 4 vehicle there will be a guide, lion handler and a researcher, all who will be more than happy to answer your questions and impart their knowledge.  Beneath the magic of the African stars, join the pride in their splendour and incredible journey to freedom.

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