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I hope you are all smashingly well and have had a wonderful weekend. Well we are all very very busy here in the Luangwa with all the camps opening; which is super exciting.
Did you know... Mfuwe Lodge recently had an unexpected vacancy for a gardener?
How are you all? Most importantly are you all sitting comfortably because this week well there is some very exciting developments but also sightings one of which made me particularly smug!
Did you know... in spite of their size, hippos do not eat huge amounts...
Hope you had a fab weekend and are all set for the week ahead! Today we will hear from Charl and Dominique who will fill us in on all the happenings down at Pumulani, the brightest star on Lake Malawi.
Did you know... Vervet Monkey babies receive a tremendous amount of attention?
I hope that you are all well and have had a smashing weekend. As promised we are going to venture up to Nsefu this week but before I take you through our very long and incredibly bumpy journey, a small tale from Fred who has had a couple of days of fantastic game viewing.
It's Monday and some first hand game viewing!
Did you know... last year's litter of wild dog pups, born near Kuyenda Bushcamp, are still being seen regularly and almost all the youngsters survived the vulnerable first few months of life in the bush?
I hope that you are all well and have completed a very successful weekend one way or another.

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