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Did you know... although baobab trees often grow to be extremely old and large, many suffer from being a favourite food of elephants?
Happy Monday! I hope you are all sitting comfortably and have had a wonderful weekend.
July was a month with many highlights.
Did you know... that The Bushcamp Company has a brand new website?
1, 2, 3, Bungeeeeeeee

For those of you that are our Facebook buddies, you will have seen the post about Peddy and a bungee jump. We said that if we got 100 likes she would do a jump, amazing how quickly you all liked the post - what does that say about your feelings towards our lovely Peddy?!
- 28 July, 2015
How are you all? Are you sitting comfortably for some wonderful photographs and 10 days of fantastic game viewing?
Did you know... the artistic children of Mfuwe have recently been hard at work producing their entries for our 2016 School Calendar?
I hope you are sitting comfortably ready to go with another glorious week of tales from the Luangwa Valley??
Did you know... male antelopes often clash, using their horns in ritualistic battles to compete for territory or females?

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