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Hello there so how are you all? I hope that the Christmas spirit is in full swing, the carols are on, the present shopping is almost finished and you are now getting yourself settled in for a lovely long weekend.
As we look back over the year we remember the moments that have made it all worthwhile
Well hello there and here we are again, but this week there is definitely a slightly different feel in the air.
Hello everyone I hope that you are all smashingly well and in full throws of Christmas preparation.
With temperatures soaring above 40 degrees this past month, I think we are all relieved by the intermittent showers that we have started receiving.
Hello there how is everyone? Sitting comfortably I hope; ready and rearing for another week as we very quickly leap into December and the build up to Christmas.
Did you know... our ambitious project to provide safe, clean drinking water to villages in our local area is really beginning to make a difference?
Well hello and here we are again! I hope that you are all well and having a simply fabulous time.
Did you know... the wild mango tree at Mfuwe Lodge is fruiting, and we are expecting our large, grey, wrinkled guests to start arriving any day now?
I hope you are all in fine fettle. Things here?

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