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Immerse yourself in nature and discover Africa as it should be with Wilderness Safaris Explorations.
Experience the Nc'Wala Ceremony with Proflight!
Hello there everyone. How are you all? I hope that you have all enjoyed another lovely weekend with lots of fun and relaxing.
Did you know... Although Zebras are normally quite placid animals, they can become quite violent with each other?
Hello and happy Monday to you all. I hope you are all very well indeed and have had a fabulous weekend and that those of you in colder climes are keeping yourselves nice and wrapped up.
Well hello there, so how are you all? I hope that everyone has had a fabulous weekend. Here in the
Luangwa, literally 12 hours after I wrote my last It's Monday the heavens opened and we had rain…
Did you know... the 'emerald season' is a good time of year to see African Wild Dogs in action?
Well hello there and hope that your first week of the year has gone with great success.
Hello there and happy New Year! I hope that you had a wonderful festive season
I hope you had a brilliant Christmas and are now gearing up to celebrate the new year!

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