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The first fully trained village scout units starts operations.
Did you know... wild elephants are naturally diurnal and tend to sleep, in a series of naps, for around four hours per night?
Did you know... the bush camp season has begun?
I hope that you have had a lovely Easter Weekend doing everything that you had planned
Wildlife Camp - March 2015 - 2 April, 2015
I remember first arriving here at Wildlife Camp in March 2010 and wondering how on earth I will ever remember all the names of the staff.
Did you know... the Easter Bunny had already been spotted in South Luangwa?
I hope that you are all well and have had a smashing weekend hopefully doing lots of relaxing and general weekend type stuff!!
Did you know... honey badgers (ratels) are actually carnivores, with an extremely wide diet?
Did you know... although South Luangwa still boasts a healthy population, lion numbers are still in decline across many parts of Africa?
I hope that you are all well and sitting comfortably ready to hear news from Mkulumadzi this week.

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