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It is with regret that Kasanka Trust Limited announces that as of the 31st July 2016, KTL will no longer be managing, operating and marketing Shoebill Island Camp.
Did you know... young lion cubs face many dangers, especially during the first few weeks after birth when they are vulnerable to predation by hyenas or leopards?
Ever since our return we have had elephants, max the hippo and leopards around the chalets and in the lodge grounds.
And, as we have a new look, we thought we'd tell you about one of our newest projects. Let's start the story at the beginning . . .
Did you know... it takes an adult buffalo about 6 minutes to drink its fill of around 34 litres of water
Did you know... Black herons make of use of the canopy, or umbrella-technique, to attract fish?
Did you know... although it is a superb hunter, the African Fish Eagle is also regarded as a 'kleptoparasite'?
Did you know... Zambia is home to three, quite unique, wildlife events which all take place at the same time?
Did you know... We are honored to announce that The Bushcamp Company won this year's 'National Geographic World Legacy Award' for Community Engagement?
Did you know... We are honored to have been selected as a finalist in the '2016 National Geographic World Legacy Awards'?

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