Zambia Fact File
Country Data
• Population 11.7 million (July 2008 est.)
• Area 752,614 sq km
• Climate tropical; modified by altitude; rainy season (October to April)
• Capital Lusaka
• GDP (PPP) $17.83 billion (2008 est.)
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If you want to experience the magnificence of Africa, Zambia is the place to visit. Rated as one of the safest destinations to visit in the world, we welcome all visitors with our great African hospitality.
We boast some of the continents best wildlife parks and share the world renowned Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the World.

A safari in the pristine, unspoilt bush of Zambia is one of our top attractions. Open vehicles, experienced guides, prolific game, limited vehicle access and more, all contribute to an incredibly special game viewing experience. Safari options include Birding, Photograpy, Canoeing, Elephant back, Mobile, Horse back and Walking Safaris, enabling you to get the ulimate safari experience to suit you.

With a diversity of over 740 species of birds, birders regularly flock to Zambia for Birding Safaris. This can be done on foot, in an open vehicle or canoeing.

Zambia is home of the legendary African Walking Safari. Walking with experienced guides enables you to really experience the sights and smells of the animals and the bush. Being this close to nature is an honour and the memories will never fade.

Zambia has 20 National Parks. Due to Zambia’s diverse landscape, plentiful water supplies, and position between Eastern, Southern and Central Africa, the diversity of Wildlife species is huge. The rivers, of course, support large populations of hippos and crocs and elephants and buffaloes are found in great numbers. Back from the rivers, the woods and grassland provide plenty of grazing for huge herds of ‘plains game’ such as zebras, impalas, pukus, waterbucks and smaller antelopes such as duikers and klipspringers.

Where there are grazers, you will find predators. Visitors seldom leave without spotting a predator such as lions, leopards, wild dogs and hyenas, but we must admit, cheetahs are more elusive. On the grasslands near Lake Bangweulu you can see vast herds of black lechwe and Kasanka National Park is one of the best places in Africa to see sitatungas – uncommon and notoriously shy water-loving antelopes. . Two more endemic species are Thornicroft giraffes and Cookson’s wildebeests. The Wildebesst can best be seen in Liuwa Plain. Despite being described as ‘more of a meander’, the annual Wildebeest Migration here is a massive event, second only to the famous Serengeti migration in Tanzania.

Wildlife is not all Zambia has to offer. Visit Livingstone which is the Adrenaline Centre of Zambia. With over 27 activities to choose from, including Gorge Swinging, Bunji Jumping into the Batoka Gorge, Water Rafting, Encounters with Lions, Visits to the museum, fine dining on the Royal Livingstone express and much more, there will never be a dull moment.

That said, one can just as easily relax on the mighty Zambezi, taking a sundowner cruise and watching the famous African Sunset.

Zambia is also an anglers dream, and fisherman travel from all corners of the world to try their luck Fishing on the mighty Zambezi River – ever hopefull of landing the might Tiger Fish or the rare, giant vundu.

Zambia has 19 beautiful Waterfalls to visit, the most famous being the magnificent Victoria Falls in Livingstone. There are 9 Lakes, of which 2 are main tourist destinations – Lake Tanganyika & Lake Kariba. Drift on Lake Kariba on a houseboat soaking up the African sunshine. Great accommodation is available at both lakes and activities include, fishing, boating, watching the sunset and enjoying the African hospitality.

As defining as the Wildlife and the bush is, Zambia has numerous Places of Interest and activities which show our rich culture, heritage and history. These include Museums, Cultural Villages, Historical buildings such as Shiwa Ngandu, 20 Cultural Ceremonies, Art Galleries and Monuments.

The main towns and cities all offer good accommodation, including International hotel chains in the larger cities.

There are 3 main International Airports for International travellers in Livingstone, Lusaka and Ndola, servicing a number of major international airlines from around the world. Proflight Zambia provides scheduled and charter flights within Zambia ( incl Victoria Falls, Lower Zambezi, Luangwa, Copperbelt), as well as to Malawi and the region.

Without doubt, this is one of the finest safari destinations in Africa! Couple this with being rated as one of the safest destinations in the World, we look forward to welcoming you to our country. Zambia is the place you are looking for!!