North Luangwa National Park
This is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular surviving wilderness areas not just in Zambia but Africa and reference has been made to it as one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world today. The park is not open to the public and has not permanent lodges. Access to the park is only through one of the few safari operators who have authority to conduct walking safaris in the park. Another way to get access is by application for special permission to enter the park at the Department of National Parks services in Chilonga or Mpika. However, this is discourages as the remoteness of the area can mean serious danger for the self-explorer in case something goes wrong. The park is known for its huge herds of buffalo and large prides of lion therefore it is not unusual to witness a kill. Two main rivers, Lufila and Mwaleshi, run through and along the park. The latter flows down in a series of rapids and waterfalls before reaching the valley by means of the delightful Chomba Valley.

Buffalo Camp
Buffalo is a seasonal bush camp based in the North Luangwa. North Luangwa National Park is one of the last unspoilt true wilderness areas left in Africa.
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Delia Camp
Delia Camp is located on the banks of the famous Luangwa River, in the North Luangwa National Park, already known as the Africa's most prized treasure.
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Kutandala Camp
Set on a stunning site on the banks of the Mwaleshi River in the heart of the North Luangwa National Park, Kutandala Camp offers the ultimate safari for those who seek truly remote wilderness.
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Mwaleshi Camp
Mwaleshi Camp, located in the remote North Luangwa National Park, is situated 10km from the Mwaleshi and Luangwa river confluence.
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Our Zds Fly Camp
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Una's Camp
Three nights in our traditional authentic Zambian Bush Camp set on a stunning location on the Mwaleshi River within the Black Rhino Sanctuary.
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