Liuwa Plain National Park
Liuwa Plain National Park is located in western Zambia in a very remote area. The park has an area of 70 km long. The Liuwa Plains National Park was declared a sanctuary in 1884 by Lubasi Lewanika the then king of the Barotseland. The park was only declared a national park in 1972. The park is rich in wildlife and some of the animals to be spotted on a safari are lions, wildebeests, hyenas and serval to mention but a few.

Barotse Tiger Camp
Established in May, 2008, the Barotse Tiger Camp is Angle Zambia's latest innovation, offering fishing enthusiasts and guest's world-class tented luxury accommodation and unparalleled guided fly fishing adventures in one of the most pristine
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Lungwebungu Fishing Safari Camp
ONLY OPEN FOR 1 MONTH OF THE YEAR, for the month of August, we set up a beautiful Lungwebungu Fishing Safari camp on the banks of the Lungwebungu River in Barotseland, North Western Zambia.This amazing river flows from Angola, crossing above the Liuwa Plains National Park and into the Zambezi River.
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Matoya Fishing Lodge
OPENING SEPTEMBER 2012!! Nestled in Zambia's Western Province in the midst of waterberry trees approximately 600km from the capital city of Lusaka is Matoya Fishing Lodge. Whether you are an avid angler or simply a nature lover, Matoya Fishing Lodge will provide you with the comprehensive and luxurious services needed for an ideal holiday.
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Maziba Bay
About 127km north of Sesheke, and less than 10km south of Zambia's spectacular Ngonye Falls, Maziba Bay (GPS:MAZIBA) has a superb location on the western bank of the Zambezi River
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Mutemwa Lodge
Tucked away along the banks of the mighty Zambezi River in Western Zambia lies a place of serene beauty and splendour. Mutemwa Lodge.
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Nalumba Lodges
There are three Nalumba Lodges at different locations within Mongu, the capital of Western Province in Zambia. Each offers affordable and comfortable accommodation in landscaped surroundings. Every April the famous and colourful Kuomboka Ceremony takes place here, giving guests a truly memorable African experience.
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Sioma Camp
Sioma River Camp is located 12 km. south of the Sioma (Ngonye) Falls midway between Sesheke and Senanga in Western Province - 315 km. from Livingstone (Victoria Falls) and 113 km. from Katimo Mulilo, the borderpost between Zambia and Namibia. From Livingstone the drive will take 4-5 hours (the road to Sesheke first 200 km. - is tarred, but the last 115 km. from the border the road is gravel/sand).
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