Lavushi Manda National Park
Another one of the smallest national parks in Zambia, Lavushi Manda National Park is situated on the slopes of the Lavushi Mountain in Northern Province. It sits 1550 meters above sea level on the eastern side of the park. Like Isangano National Park, it was also declared a national park in the year 1972. The Lavushi Manda National Park is home to the elephant, lion, buffalo, sable, and roan and other antelopes.

Luangwa Wilderness Lodge
Luangwa Wilderness Lodge lies within Luambe National Park, in eastern Zambia. People in the know are describing Luambe National Park as “South Luangwa of 15 years ago”.
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Protea Hotel Chipata
Protea Hotel Chipata is located on the outskirts of Chipata town. This new addition to the Protea Hotels Zambia portfolio has been recently constructed on Umodzi Highway; the entrance to Chipata town from Katete, three hours drive from South Luangwa National Park and only 15km from the Malawi border and 130km from Lilongwe;
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