Kasanka National Park
Kasanka National Park is situated on the south western edge of the Lake Bangweulu basin, is on of Zambia’s smallest national parks. Although small in size, the park is endowed with rivers, lakes and wetlands, forests, lagoons, meadows and dambos and this enables it to accommodate a wide variety of animals and plenty birds and fish. The park is simply on of the most magnificent and picturesque parks in Zambia with superb birdlife. The park was saved from poaching back in 1985 by David Lloyd, a British expatriate. David had lived in Zambia for many years and when he visited the park he heard gunshots and he came to a conclusion that that could only be possible if the animals were available and so he set out to save the park from total depletion. Today recovering fro the depletion are hippo, sable antelope and the Liechtenstein’s hartebeest. The Puku which not long ago was reduced to a few hundred, today exceed 1500. Over 330 bird species have been recorded which include the rare Pel’s fishing owl, the Pygmy goose, Shoebill and the wattled crane among others.

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Shoebill Island Camp
It is with regret that Kasanka Trust Limited announces that as of the 31st July 2016, KTL will no longer be managing, operating and marketing Shoebill Island Camp.As these decisions are now out of their control, they have no choice at this stage other than to consider Shoebill Island Camp unavailable for tourists after 31st July until further notice. Shoebill Island Camp offers accommodation in safari tents under thatch roofs and reed cottages. Each has 2 beds, an ensuite shower and flush toilet.
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